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Bring Your Deck Back To Its Former Glory!

Parramatta Pressure Cleaning proudly services Greater Western Sydney and surrounding areas!

Parramatta Deck Cleaning Specialists

Our team of pressure washer specialists are here to help.

Parramatta Pressure Cleaning offers a professional timber deck cleaning service to bring your timber deck back to its former glory.

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Our deck cleaning team will seal, oil, stain, and seal your deck so it looks brand new!

We only use the finest products and materials so your deck can last for many years.

Your deck is the centerpiece of your house. It can be used to entertain guests or to relax.

Call Parramatta Pressure Cleaning today at (02) 9538 7943 to find out why so many of Parramatta‘s homeowners choose us to service their timber deck cleaning.

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Why is Pressure Cleaning your Deck Boards in Parramatta so Important?

Decks are a favourite outdoor feature in Greater Western Sydney and surrounding areas. There are many factors that make decks so popular.

Improve Your Outdoor Area Appeal

First, decks are a key design tool that engineers and architects use to enhance the home’s features to create an outdoor space that is pleasant and allows homeowners and their families to enjoy the sunshine and warm Greater Western Sydney weather.

A timber deck can also increase the house’s value by being attractive to potential buyers.

Protect your home from the elements

Decks can suffer from discolouration, mould growth, and staining due to the adverse effects of weather conditions in Parramatta and the surrounding areas. It is essential that deck owners keep their decks clean in order to maintain their appearance and long-term performance.

This is where professionals come in! Parramatta Pressure Cleaning is equipped with the right equipment and expertise to restore your wood flooring. Your deck boards can be maintained and cleaned by Parramatta Pressure Cleaning to extend their life.

Our specialists are fully licensed and insured. We have the experience and knowledge to restore any timber deck to its former glory. We deliver outstanding service no matter what the job is.

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Our Timber Deck Cleaning Services Parramatta

Parramatta Pressure Cleaning is highly regarded because we have been doing amazing work in Greater Western Sydney for more than ten years.

We have completed thousands of pressure washing timber decks in Greater Western Sydney, and we have many satisfied clients.

We offer the following services in Greater Western Sydney:

Pressure washer for wooden deck

We have the best equipment and professional cleaning methods to clean any type of wood decking. We can clean your deck of all dirt, stains, mould and other debris so it looks like new again.

Exterior house cleaning with a pressure washer
Deck pressure cleaning

Timber Restoration & Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about your deck getting mouldy after rainy weather. We offer wood restoration and maintenance services that are tailored to your specific needs. We can remove toxic spots and restore the natural grain colour of your property. We can use eco-friendly solutions to treat decay that are safe for you, the family and the environment.

Deck Oiling and Staining

We have extensive expertise in all aspects regarding deck staining. We tailor our staining services to meet the requirements of each job.

Many homeowners believe that sanding or replacing the boards is all it takes to make a deck look brand new. A pressure washer can give you the same look as a wood-stained deck for a fraction of its price.

Parramatta Pressure Cleaning ensures the highest quality results by using the most advanced equipment and products.

Weathering New Timber Decks

It takes time and commitment to weather a deck. A high price is due to the labor involved, raw wood materials and drying time. Parramatta Pressure Cleaning is a company with a lot of experience in weathering wood verandahs. We save our customers thousands of dollars.

Other Pressure washing services we offer in Parramatta and surrounding areas include:

Our concrete cleaning services include sports courts (tennis and netball), polished concrete flooring, and other concrete surfaces. Pressure cleaning can be applied to any surface that can hold water.

Don’t be afraid to call us and ask questions.

Ready to restore your deck to its former glory? Call us at (02) 9538 7943 today to get started!

Our Pressure Cleaning Process in Parramatta and Surrounding Areas

Here are some steps to get you a clean deck and house in Parramatta and the surrounding area::

1. Inspection of the Area

Each deck is inspected individually. We then use the best methods and equipment for treating it. We first assess which areas would benefit from treatment, such as angles and corners that may be difficult to reach using conventional equipment.

We can often provide a initial estimate without visiting the property by using Google Earth.

2. Light and Large Debris Removal

Professional equipment is used to clean the deck surface of any dirt or debris. This allows you to see the timber underneath. Our cleaning equipment works efficiently and thoroughly. We use a combination brush/sweeper, high pressure water spray cleaner, and a brush/sweeper combination. This allows us to gently and effectively remove dirt and other debris.

3 Timber Deck Cleaning & Contaminants Removal

Next, we wash it with a cleaning agent that does not damage the timber. Next, we scrub the deck’s surface with a bristle brush. Then we use a high-powered water jet to wash it off.

4. Cleaning to Remove Mildew and Mould

Many times, excessive rainfall in Parramatta (and Greater Western Sydney) can lead to the growth of mould and other harmful bacteria.

We use an eco-friendly, natural anti-fungal treatment for any timber that has mildew or mustiness. We use an oil-based treatment that is bio-degradable to provide a long-lasting way to stop future growth.

5. Deck Staining

After pressure cleaning your verandah we can apply a water-based stain which conditions and purifies the timber. It also provides protection from the elements. The end result is a rejuvenated, clean timber deck that can be used for years. We use a stain that is safe for timber decking indoors and outdoors.

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Why Choose Parramatta Pressure Cleaning for Timber Deck Cleaning in Parramatta?


Parramatta Pressure Cleaning has more than ten years experience in pressure cleaning. We serve homeowners in Parramatta and Greater Western Sydney. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most difficult jobs. We can provide faster, more reliable and efficient service by using state-of the-art equipment.

Best Results

By using the best equipment and skilled deck cleaners, we can restore timber decks back to glory. Pressure cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently, depending on the severity of mould and mildew buildup.

Competitive Pricing

Parramatta Pressure Cleaning is known for its excellent value for money.

We understand that the price of a pressure cleaning service is important. Therefore, we have worked hard at creating a service that is affordable without sacrificing quality.

Pressure cleaning can often restore timber decks and other areas without needing to undertake expensive renovations and painting.

Pressure cleaning is a cost-effective option.

Professional Services vs DIY Pressure Cleaning

We can understand the temptation to do-it-yourself. However,…

Although it is possible to clean a deck yourself, it is not recommended to do so, particularly, if you have a lot of built-up dust or stains. Professional pressure cleaning experts are likely to do a better and more efficient job.

Equipment aside, pressure cleaning done by amateurs is more difficult and will produce less results.

Deck Cleaning Professional Equipment

Eco-Friendly Products

We don’t use any chemicals which could cause harm to your family and the environment. Our products won’t cause damage to your wood decking.

Licensed & Insured

We understand that your wood deck is an investment in your home and your property. We strive to make it a great job and keep our customers safe.

Only licensed, insured and qualified professionals are used to provide professional service and results. We will gladly provide documentation to show that we are licensed and insured.

Make Your Timber Deck and House Beautiful Again. Contact the Deck Cleaning Experts in Parramatta

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Areas We Cover

Parramatta Pressure Cleaning is a proud Greater Western Sydney-based company and provides pressure washing services to Parramatta and nearby areas, including: